What is ScienceTap

Science Tap is a mobile/web application developed to aide scientists in their field research. The application functions as a mobile field agent, replacing the traditional field notebook. Science Tap eases the data collection process, shows maps, provides GPS coordinates and time stamps, and standardizes and centralizes the data-collection. It also allows access to archived data from multiple users in the field.

Features of ScienceTap

Mapping: All data collected using ScienceTap is tracked by Latitude and Longitude. The time, date, and location of all data-observations are automatically recorded in the database. ScienceTap incorporates the use of the googleMapAPI. scienceTap loads a map layered with geospatial data, adding more definition to environmental features onto the base Google-map layer.

Data and photo storage: ScienceTap offers photo storage for all projects, and all data is downloadable as an excel spreadsheet.

user-designed data forms: The user can design data collection forms depending on the specific research objectives. The user interfaces are automatically generated and integrated with voice recognition software whenever possible.

versatile Team Formations: Users can join multiple projects.